HMB Consultancy CC provides the following services:

1) Specialist Procurement and Commercial Consultancy Services

Specialist procurement, commercial and contract administrative services as well as strategic advice as would be legally permissible for provision by a professional Quantity Surveyor only and not a legal practitioner, the services of which are specifically excluded.*

2) Quantity Surveying, Cost and Commercial Management

All tradition QS functions from inception to completion as well as world class cost automation and interactive cost modelling. Our QS or Cost Monitoring (Client Commercial Representation) services covers all traditional projects as well as complex PPP (PFI) or multi-party funded projects.

3) Project and Programme Management

All Project and Programme Management functions as well as Contract Administration and Principal Agency on single projects or complex roll-out type Programmes.

4) Management Consultancy

Status and systems analysis, business case and strategy development as well as the implementation of improvement procedures and functions. Provision of Interim and Emergency Management Services.

* Disclaimer

The services offered by HMB Consultancy CC do not include legal advice or representation for which Adv. HM Botha (in his personal capacity) requires an Attorney’s brief in accordance with the law and the regulations of the Legal Practice Council.

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